Silverline Consulting undertakes a range of planning, research, marketing and campaign development projects. We primarily focus on addressing projects in relation to Population and Community Health and Well-being.

We have strong experience and a national profile in this area of work and are enthusiastic to assist corporate, government or non-governmental bodies to undertake projects within this area.

Social Marketing for Population Health and Well-Being:
A brand is not ‘just a logo’; Anthony has ensured the success of branding for social marketing outcomes by incorporating creative branding into a sound marketing strategy. He has designed and managed comprehensive integrated marketing strategies to build brands, with Radio and Television advertising (including script writing), Point-of-Sale material (bottle shop flyers and posters), Education (school newsletters, interactive CD / DVD including TV ads and an outline of penalties).

What we do:

Social marketing
All aspects of Project / Programme work: Project or program planning, implementation and management

Strategic planning
Planning and Design – Workshop facilitation, including creative input

Integrated multi-strategic campaigns

  • Branding
  • Training and Facilitation
  • Partnership building - negotiation
  • Research
  • Evaluation

Each aspect – separately or integrated together as appropriate

Partnership work
We have valuable experience and skill in building and managing Partnerships.

There is a significant work culture change towards approaching Population Health and Well-being issues using a partnership model. We have the Team to build effective and creative partnerships between local, state and federal governments, the corporate sector, and non-governmental agencies.